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This 'blog' is dedicated to the five most amazing persons in the woorld; Liam, Zayn, Louis, Niall and Harry <3



A Year in the Making - The Wake Up Song

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Happy Four Years, One Direction

"We’ve got some really loyal fans and it’s been absoulutely amazing so far and hopefully it doesnt end…" - Niall Horan

From the stairs to the world…

Thank you


LOOK. As much as I know things like EDITING and CONFIRMATION BIAS and THE REALITY OF NUMBERS factor in here, it is never not gonna mess me up that the “boys finding out they’ve made it through the first round of cuts” bootcamp sequence is effectively a “future members of One Direction finding out they’ve made it through the first round of cuts” sequence, that Niall gets swarmed by the people near him in the lineup but then makes his way over to where Liam is, that Harry and Zayn are next to each other, that while Niall is being swarmed with hugs AGAIN Louis gives him a quick pat like he’s not even thinking about it because Niall’s happiness literally has its own gravitational pull, that while four different people have a hold on Niall he’s actually reaching out for Liam, that Zayn looks like he’s gonna keel over and the first thing Harry does is grab him by the shoulders, that while Niall is dazedly hamming it up for the camera, Harry and Liam are both in the shot being hugged. THERE ARE TWENTY-SIX PEOPLE ON THAT STAGE, BUT YOU WOULDN’T KNOW IT.

ziiam asked
didn't they say they also eventually share an entire room to themselves once the house cleared out some because the other boys were too messy or s/t like that?




just liam at first but then zayn’s always been true to “right next to you leeyum”